DTC model doesn’t work out?

Try influencer marketing.

The Affiliate Alliance can help you tap into KOL/KOC resources.

What can influencer marketing do?

What can influencer marketing do?

AllValue’s one-stop influencer marketing solution can help you.

  • Lower customer acquisition costs

    Find traditional marketing costly? Hire influencers to market your products and you just need to pay them based on their sales performance.

  • Expand the brand influence

    After tapping into social media marketing, Shein has racked up 9 million PVs every month. Its brand effect has contributed to a nearly 40% direct search for the clothing retailer.

  • Boost lead conversion

    According to a marketing survey, 71% of marketers believe that influencer marketing can attract more and higher-quality customers than other marketing models.

One-stop influencer marketing solution

AllValue can help you recruit influencers, keep track of the marketing effect, and settle marketing fees quickly.

  • Influencer Recruitment

    Our North American marketing team can help you recruit appropriate influencers on a one-on-one basis, getting your business off the ground.

    Typical Case

      Empowered by our North American marketing team, Royal Elastics chalked up

      160,000 Instagram views, leading to a 300% surge in orders.

      Empowered by our North American marketing team, Royal Elastics chalked up 160,000 Instagram views, leading to a 300% surge in orders.

      We nailed down the appropriate marketing channels for the North American market, and screened out 20 influencers who agree with the brand’s needs from our pool of 4 million influencers based on a dozen of indicators such as fashion trends.

    • Influencer Tracking

      Dedicated link to track and quantify influencers’ performance.

    • Auto Settlement

      Automatic billing and batch payment for easier accounting.

    • Multi-tier Affiliate System

      A two-tier affiliate system for a broader consumer base.

    • Fine Influencer Operation

      Customizable commission for more flexible cooperation with influencers.

    • Special Discounts for Fans

      Exclusive benefits for fans to strengthen influencers’ willingness to cooperate

  • Our Features

    • 1

      Influencer Marketing Services

      • Influencer marketing plans can be customized based on the actual needs of DTC brands.

      • Influencers’ marketing content will be reviewed and their marketing performance will be tracked.

      • A detailed marketing report will be generated.

    • 2

      Affiliate Alliance

      • Multiple commission rules are designed to cater for different business.

      • Affiliates are entitled to different marketing resources based on their actual abilities.

      • Commissions may vary with different products to cater for differential marketing and incubate best-sellers.

    • 3

      Real-time Settlement System

      • We have an exclusive marketing link for each affiliate to track their marketing performance in real-time.

      • Commission bills are automatically generated, obviating the need for human accounting.

      • Affiliates’ marketing performance can be tracked in real-time and their commissions are automatically settled.

    • 4

      Two-tier Affiliate System

      • Affiliate recruitment is nothing to worry about as affiliates can hire tier-2 affiliates themselves.

      • The system can invite tier-2 affiliates automatically, a mechanism that can enhance the marketing efficiency.

      • Exclusive coupons can help affiliates improve their marketing performance.