Global Influencer Marketing/Promotion Services

Quickly create brand image and impressions, get inspiration, and tap into social media for increased traffic, audience engagement, and brand awareness.

How We Can Help

AllValue’s Influencer Marketing/Promotion Services will help sellers quickly create brand image and impressions, get creative brand content, and tap into social media for increased traffic, audience engagement, and brand awareness.

  • Brand image

    The audience’s perception of your brand

  • Brand creativity

    User-generated content

  • Engagement rates

    Users’ likes, comments, and follows

  • Brand awareness

    The status of the brand in the minds of users

Our Services

AllValue’s experienced marketing team will help you run your online marketing campaigns from start to finish to increase your brand impressions.

Our Services Details Product Review by Influencers Product Promotion by Influencers
Brand audience analysis One-on-one consultation to help businesses analyze their brand positioning and audience
Developing marketing strategy Customized marketing goals and plans for brands
Finding the right influencers Search and screen suitable influencers and connect with them
Negotiations with influencers Manage influencers and communicate with them about collaboration fees
Influencer contract signing Prepare and sign the influencer contracts
Content review Review content created by influencers and track their promotion progress
Copywriting Oversee the copywriting to make sure it reflects the influencers’ personal style and authenticity
Product promotion Post product reviews and add product promotion links in the posts
Guaranteed exposure Brand exposure guaranteed for the entire marketing campaign
Generating marketing reports A detailed report will be generated to analyze and review a marketing campaign
Sharing exclusive marketing know-how We will share our secrets of successful influencer marketing to empower sellers with sustainable traffic

How It Works

  • 01

    Conduct a standard website review

  • 02

    Launch the influencer marketing services

  • 03

    Define the marketing objectives

  • 04

    Customize the marketing plan

  • 05

    Execute the marketing campaign

  • 06

    Generate the marketing report

Our Expertise

  • North American marketing specialists

    North American marketing specialists

    for professional marketing services

  • 8 years

    8 years

    rich branding experience in North America

  • 1500+


    sellers served


  • As people spend more and more time on social media, the so-called “influencers” have become the new trendsetters. Influencers wield a growing power over the target market. They can bypass the inefficiency of traditional advertising and spread brand messages to the target audience in an authentic and natural way. Meanwhile, brands can also reach new audiences through collaboration with influencers. But for most businesses, it can be a difficult and lengthy process to find and contact overseas vertical influencers on their own, not to mention negotiate about partnerships. And that is where AllValue’s influencer marketing services come in. Our experienced marketing team is ready to help sellers from start to finish, so they can spend less time managing internal teams and focus more on strategy planning and online store operations.

  • We work with influencers in various fields, including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, sports and fitness, entertainment, food, home decor, pets, travel, technology and more.

  • Product review by influencers: An influencer mentions a brand in his/her posts without attaching purchase links. By introducing and demonstrating the usage scenarios and functions of products under the brand, the influencer is actually helping the brand build its image, grow its user base and gather new content.

    Product promotion by influencers: An influencer adds website or product links in his/her posts introducing the products, thus driving direct purchases through the posted content as consumers can directly click on the links in the posts to place orders. The influencer's endorsement helps build trust and increase conversions.

  • In fact, products, traffic, and monetization are what make an independent online store stand out. Consumers discover a brand through its promotion and content; they then get redirected to its website with one click; in the end, they decide to purchase the products they like, which completes the conversion. Numerous factors come into play in this entire customer journey, none of which will singlehandedly make or break the deal. Therefore, our marketing services cannot guarantee a certain conversion rate, considering guaranteed return on investment would be impossible even for professional marketing agencies. But for our influencer marketing services, brand exposure will be guaranteed to ensure that the brand message reaches a certain number of people during the promotion. The selected content exposed to consumers can increase brand exposure and raise brand awareness.

AllValue reserves the right of final interpretation for the services.