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Online and offline practical courses with hands-on teaching methods to help sellers operate ad accounts

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Digital advertising training courses

Beginner courses

Introduction of Facebook ads, including ad groups, settings, and formats

Advanced courses

Develop an effective Facebook marketing strategy; expand your organic reach on Facebook; develop a successful Facebook advertising strategy

Account management

Personalized marketing plans

Define audience, content, and creative content based on the seller’s advertising objectives, products, and brand positioning

Facebook Page setup

Determine content style based on products and brand positioning with the help of optimization techniques

Advertising/marketing funnel design

Create a behavioral funnel with reference to product/brand exposure and ways to encourage users to place orders, and increase conversions with different advertising best practices

Campaign creation

Create campaigns, ad sets, and ads based on the designed marketing funnel to reach the corresponding audience

Campaign optimization

Optimize ads by fine-tuning targeted audience, ad content, landing page, cost per conversion, and A/B tests to maximize ROAS

Campaign monitoring and reporting

Monitor ad campaigns in real time, promptly adjust ad strategies, and generate monthly ad campaign reports

Technical support

Integration and installation

Install features such as Facebook Pixel

How It Works

  • 01

    Collect customer information

  • 02

    Customize the advertising campaign plan

  • 03

    Design the marketing funnel

  • 04

    Create a campaign

  • 05

    Optimize & monitor the campaign

  • 06

    Conduct monthly & quarterly review

Our Expertise

  • Professional ad delivery experts

    Professional ad delivery experts

    with ads delivery experience in multiple categories

  • 5+ years

    5+ years

    rich experience serving the North American market

  • 10,000+ SKUs

    10,000+ SKUs

    in ads