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Online and offline practical courses with hands-on teaching to help sellers operate ad accounts

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Digital advertising training courses

Beginner courses

Search ads + ads display

Advanced courses

Shopping ads

Account management

Personalized marketing plans

Budgeting, ads planning, etc.

Account opening

Reviewing websites and qualifications, assisting in opening accounts or recommending suitable agents

Advertising keyword analysis

Data analysis by ads optimization professionals to offer a list of recommended keywords, keywords used by competitors, negative keywords, and more

Account creation

Creating search ads campaigns, filling in keywords, ad budgets, target countries, copywriting, and more

Additional information

Adding additional links, promotional information, and structured summaries suitable for the product to enhance the effectiveness of content coverage

Account optimization

Creating more than 2 adaptive search ad campaigns, conducting A/B Test; eliminating invalid keywords; discovering new keywords with the help of tools, and more

Technical support

Integration and installation

Environment configuration, adding Google Tag Manager (GTM) codes, and more

How It Works

  • 01

    Conduct a standard website review

  • 02

    Customize the marketing plan

  • 03

    Build the advertising framework

  • 04

    Optimize the ad account

  • 05

    Generate the marketing report

Our Expertise

  • Professional advertising optimizers

    Professional advertising optimizers

    involved in a variety of categories with timely insights into the market

  • 5+ years

    5+ years

    rich ads delivery experience

  • $1 million+

    $1 million+

    average monthly volume of managed ads


  • Google Ads policies are relatively strict. Only the products not related to health care and pharmaceuticals, pornography, sensitive events, counterfeits, gambling, hazards, and tobacco are suitable for Google Ads. Please consult your business manager or customer success manager for more information.

  • Yes, you can purchase Google Ad Delivery service separately.

  • Google Ads is supported by machine learning. The learning period ranges from two weeks to three months from the start of testing till stable results are shown. Other factors include the optimization level of the web page, the quality of the products, and the cooperation between the seller and the optimizer.

  • The effectiveness of the Ad Delivery service is affected by various factors such as the market environment, product quality and website optimization. What we can guarantee is to find the most professional optimizer for you.

  • Our optimizers have an average of 5+ years of hands-on experience in ad delivery. They manage a monthly budget of more than 1 million dollars with a stable ROAS of 300-400%. They are actively involved in multiple categories and able to gain first-hand insights into the market.

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